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Kids and music is a natural combination. If your child openly expresses the desire to learn music, you should let them. Children are persistent and if your child is always visiting with the same musical kids then they will embrace these lessons and attend with pleasure. Everyone has a different level of natural musical ability and children are no exception. Kids and music go together naturally. Children change their minds and interests almost daily. Many parents doubt that the child will be studying music for a long time, and the expenses for music are quite costly and immediate. If finances are the only factor between your child and their desired musical education talk to teachers and instructors.


Swara Gurukul is the solution for families who would like to educate their children to the world of music. We develop skills needed by the 21st century workforce such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication and team work, keeps students engaged in school and makes them more likely to graduate, and helps students achieve in other academic subjects such as Maths, Science and Reading.


Parents are absolutely clueless about music education because they never took these lessons themselves. They do not understand the advantages of a musical education and attempt to see some other talents. Your child informs you they want to sing or play an instrument. Swara Gurukul is developing a new platforms for kids music education. Here every kids can learn their favourite musical instruments for their music passion. Swara Gurukul is the best music school/institute in Surat for kids music learning passion in Surat.

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